Have you heard the latest news about Game of Thrones? The wildly popular HBO show based on George RR Martin’s series “A Song of Fire and Ice” will be wrapping up its seventh season — with a special guest appearance from Ed Sheeran! Although it will be a sad day for many once the series comes to a close, fans can still get their fill by reading the five published books from “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Two additional books in the series are forthcoming, but in case you can’t wait for them to be published, here are a few other fantasy books written by George RR Martin.

Hunter’s Run


Feeling hopeless, Ramón Espejo boards a starship in an effort to escape from poverty on his own planet. He discovers new life on the planet of São Paulo, however, life on this planet was no better than the life he just escaped from. Frustrated, Ramón flees into the wilderness to search for wealth. In the process, he stumbles upon an advanced alien race in hiding on a planet that is not their own. Suddenly in possession of a powerful and dangerous secret, Ramón must escape, and somehow, survive.

Tuf Voyaging


Haviland Tuf is an honest space-trader who’s become the owner of a seedship, which the most powerful weapon in human space. In a universe surrounded by evil, Tuf sets out on a journey to dispel hostile monsters, populations obsessed with procreation, and a dictator who unleashes plagues to get what he wants.



The dangerous planet of Windhaven is composed of small islands, harsh weather, and monster-infested oceans. Windhaven became inhabited by humans only after a crash of a starship, and they discovered communication was virtually impossible — until metal wings from the crashed starship helped humans to fly.

Generations later, the silver-winged flyers are the most prestigious members of society. With their arrogance and rigid beliefs in tradition, the silver-winged flyers believe that only their offspring should have the opportunity to be a flyer. But there’s one problem: the numbers of flyers are diminishing.

Maris, the stepdaughter of a silver-winged flyer, cannot legally become a flyer because she is not a direct descendant. Maris challenges the rigid tradition by demanding that flyers be chosen on the basis of merit rather than inheritance. She is granted the opportunity to become a flyer, but the challenges are much more than what she bargained for.

And for the kids…

The Ice Dragon


As a creature of fear, the ice dragon always left behind a wake of desolate and cold land after it flew overhead. No one had ever tamed an ice dragon. That was until Adara, a child born during the worst winter freeze, became friendly with the ice dragon. One summer day, fiery dragons flew by and left fire and destruction in its wake. Only Adara — a child whom the ice dragon adored, can save her world from total destruction.