I had forgotten how much I love Neil Gaiman. I’ve read most of his books, but it took me a long time to pick up “Trigger Warning.” I find myself saying this often these days about books — the description on Amazon or on the book flap didn’t make it appealing. Also, I forget that I actually do love short stories.

This book is a compilation of short stories with a few poems. It spans fairy tales reimagined, myths elaborated, and original worlds from Gaiman’s mind. They were incredibly enjoyable, even the dark ones and many of them are a bit dark. But Gaiman never goes too far in my opinion. It doesn’t leave me with distaste, but just a slight shudder at most, in a way that leaves me wondering and wishing for more.

Gaiman is incredibly imaginative, but he’s also a wordsmith, writing with a whimsical style that’s uniquely him. As soon as I started reading the first story I thought “ah, yes.. I remember now.” I would skip the foreword until after you read the stories – I think not knowing what the story will be added to my enjoyment.

I know people may say “oh I don’t read those kinds of books” when Gaiman is described to them. I would say, don’t think about what category this books falls into and just try it out.